Pre-Show Vocal Workout

for low voice

Need an extra boost of confidence before your next gig, recording session, audition, or rehearsal? Transform your voice with this 10 minute sequence targeting the lower and upper registers of your voice. Polish up your voice before you head out on stage. The scale patterns combine SOVT exercises (so bring along a straw if you have one) as well as neutral vowel/consonant combinations.

Get vocally ready to rock your next performance!

So what's included?

  • access for the lifetime of the course
  • audio with demonstrations of singing exercises
  • scales catered to voice range
  • warmups to use at anytime
  • safety first techniques
  • email updates on lessons and tips
Low Voices vs High Voices, what's the difference?

The high voice course is for female or treble voices. The low voice course would be for male or non-treble voices. If you have clicked on the wrong voice type, go back and select the correct voice type before purchasing the course.

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Alida Vocal Studio
Alida Vocal Studio

Hi, Iā€™m Alida! For the last 15 years, I have been training singers of all levels and styles as they achieve their vocal goals, build successful singing careers, and/or recover from a vocal injury. As a singer and musician myself, my extensive experience includes being a professional singer, musician and performer, a certified voice instructor and studying voice with some of the world's top groundbreaking instructors. I am passionate about sharing what I've learned. For more on my education and background click here.